Custom Extrusions

Shape Size:
» Maximum profile area capable of fitting inside a 10 inch circle. A 13 inch shape is feasible in certain configurations. 

Shape Weight:
» 0.100 pounds per foot minimum.
» 15 pounds per foot maximum.

Shape Length:
» 0.25 inches to 40 feet, depending on profile size and weight.

» 6000 series (6063, 6061, 6005A, 6066, 6351, 6360, 6463)
» 7000 series (7129)

All custom dies are proprietary, they are purchased, owned and exclusive to the customer. Crown Extrusions will store, maintain, and warrantee against breakage.

Standard Extrusions
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A wide variety of shapes including Bars, Angles, Channels, Solid Squares, Rods and Tubes.
These dies are available at no charge with a minimum order. Minimums vary depending on shape.